New ep tonight!!!! =DDDD Only 3 eps left!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *clears throat* But first I must respond to last weeks eps. XD Ok, so I was terrified due to the promo that came out a few days earlier than it was supposed to. CB breaking off their pact?!? Obviously not permanent, but still traumatic nonetheless. After watching the 6x07 promo on repeat for like hours, cause it was so horrible I just couldn't look away, when the time actually came for the awfulness to appear on my tv screen in FULL, I was actually quite okay. Chuck's "stop lying to yourself" line did burn me a little though, just cuz it sounded like his s1-2 days when it was almost like a set up to hurt her and he was finally giving her the 411, even if that obvs wasn't the case and he was hurting as much as she was. At least they got a lighter, more encouraging moment earlier on in the ep and B didn't give back the ring. I swear for a second I thought she was going to. When she pulled it out from under her dress and looked back at Chuck, I really thought she might! But she didn't, thank GOD. If she had, I swear my poor heart would've broken into a million pieces. *sob* I find it interesting that Ivy was going to set up a "sex tape" with Bart later on guaranteeing Lily's destruction, just cause I was semi-suspecting that from the time the 6x07 Bart/Chuck/Ivy sneak peek came out. heh. Neither would hurt Lily, though despite Bart's seemingly flawless manipulations, I feel like he would've allowed Lily to be bruised by it all. When he brought the contracts out for divorce, my reaction was the same as Ivy's. Like, are you serious? LILY'S BEEN DIVORCED A MILLION TIMES!!! HOW DOES THIS HURT?! SHE'LL JUST MARRY HIM AGAIN NEXT WEEK!!! XD What really hurts though is not just that Chuck was SO CLOSE to really destroying Bart. Like, literally he could've done it if he'd just talked Lily into giving him the evidence. Everything in the ep was building up to it, despite all the hoops he had to jump through to get so lose. It was that LILY had been the one to take it all away from him. I think that was what drove much of his "break up" with Blair at the very end. Chuck really has had no parental figure - biological or otherwise - that really cared about his well-being and really LOVED him, chose HIM, of their own voilition. But Lily did. She treated him like her own son and she never gave up on him, but, as he said in 6x05, Bart has her wrapped around his finger. I know sometimes characters can be very naive when they can't see the whole picture, but Lily is just stupid and unfeelin here. I stand by my cause when I saw the only reason she married Bart was b/c it was a way to escape her marriage with Rufus. Suddenly there were problems in her blissful wedded life and the best way she knows how to get out from under those is to divorce and remarry. Which is a shame. The woman just has never really grown up. Not to say that Rufus is entirely there either though, since he got involved with Ivy who was never really serious about him to begin with. THANK GOD. I mean, granted I can't decide which hook-up is worse, Rufus or William, but one thing's for sure, Ivy is definitely wholeheartedly in it for William. You could just tell that she was really entirely herself with Rufus and then BAM. Her first scene will William it was clear as day that she was being honest and open and vulnerable with him. She didn't hold anything back. She wasn't trying to word each sentence perfectly or manipulate the situation to get the effect she wanted. She was very real and very comfortable with him and it was very comforting to be able to see that again and not just come to the conclusion that Defer had suddenly become a horrible actress on us. XD Cause...just no. That's impossible! =P However, William was strangely stoic and unfeeling at the end, so maybe this is all just some grand plan to destroy Ivy, which honestly would make me sad. We really got to see her in her scheming element in this ep and I enjoyed every second of it. Her entire presence this season has been kind of pointless up until this ep. Every time she gave us a devilish smile I absolutely squealed and was deliriously giddy. I don't know how the woman does that to me, but she does. It gave me a glimpse into the lost girl from last season who had FINALLY gotten her life back on track, even if it will potentially get ripped up from under her soon. It was fun to watch. =) Let's see...what else...? Oh! SB & CDN made amends! =D Again, not sure what to make of Dan's true feelings. It still felt like he was just telling Serena what she wanted to hear, though it does make me wonder how in the world he would make his chapter about her all the more scandalous just by giving her the happy ending she's been wanting so long in his book. It feels too quick. I feel like his line "whether I've admitted it to myself, you have always been the one" says it perfectly. It's moving too fast & maybe that's b/c he has alterior, horrific motives to his "reconciliation" with her, but deep down he knows it's her, it's only ever going to be her at the end of the day, and no amount of revenge or affairs with best friends is going to change that. Still, I would REALLY like a heavy duty glimpse into his true thoughts. The 6x08 sneak peek with Georgina gives me hope, but I'm still not sure. Hopefully these feelings are genuine! And hopefully there's some HUGE explanations and more apologies on the way, cause otherwise I'm not really sure if I can accept this as a proper DS reconciliation leading to their endgame wedding moment. I doesn't give them justice like a whole season would've. *sigh* Oh, and B was wonderful!! =D Because S did aid in making her line a success - obvs cause Nelly Yuki is evil (wtf, girl?) - the two are besties again, and I'm REALLY glad that S brought up that her motives for sleeping with Dan heavily originated from how hurt she was that DB dated to begin with and the old Blair we know and love recognized that as very important and making perfect sense since her reaction to a CS relationship would've probably been 10x worse. lol. LOVE also that even after Sage & co. abandoned ship, they still couldn't stop lovin' on B's clothes. Awesome! Plus, very cool to learn more about Miss Queen Bee Blair's ways and how the heirarchy at Constance has developed since and before. Heh. Lovely. ;P Overall, this was a pretty good ep. At the end of it, I think the person I felt worst for was Nate. Yes, I know I'm obvs distraught over what went down with CL & CB at the very end. But Nate was falling into the same path as his father & there was literally NOTHING ELSE he could've done. His last scene with Chuck at the bar was EPIC b/c he was so broken and it took so much to actually fess up & naturally Chuck was furious but he still forced himself to remain calm long enough to get the information and channel his fury towards his father not his best friend who was an innocent victim in the whole matter. CN ftw. <3 Ever since s5 they've been absolutely flawless. =) Can't wait for tonight's ep! Looks like Chuck gets back on top and a potential CB hook-up? (oh please oh please oh pleeeease) Plus, hopefully we'll FINALLY discover Dan's true feelings and motivations for reuniting with Serena. I hope they're pure but it would honestly make more sense if they weren't or if he's kinda battling the angel and the devil on his shoulders. 4 hours now! Aaaaand, GO! Love how B fights for her man! =D CB ftw. Also, when Lily finally realizes what an idiot she's been, there better be some serious lovin' for Chuck comin, along with a MASSIVE apology. She owes that to him. Blair can be alot for Chuck, but including mother in that list of descriptions is overkill & almost unhealthy. Come on, Lily. Get your act together! Your son NEEDS you!!! What happened to that unconditional love referenced in 5x01?!?! *dramatic sigh* This woman...gaa

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