Ah, finally a new OUAT ep response. lol. I know you've been waiting ages!! XD No, I know...there have been none since the pilot. lol. I just couldn't find stuff to comment on, since it was all so perfect. Even when there was angst! But no worries, that will soon change. I imagine right around the time I get season 1 for Christmas. XD

On to the Season 2 premiere though!! =D So, the curse is broken! Yaaay! The Charming family reunion...aww, I knew it wouldn't be easy. It's amazing to me though how much MM & David's personalities shifted once they were free of the curse. Both so insanely confident and courageous and outrageously affectionate and loving. Emma must've been blown out of the water. XD And as much as it should've been awesome, Emma does have a point...though I have to wonder if they would've even KNOWN they were family if they had been together under the curse. *sigh* Wonder if SW/PC can even comprehend the idea of foster schools and the like. Heh.

Gold and Belle!!! *cheers* I honestly didn't expect so much Rumpel/Belle in this ep, but it was glorious! I so adored it. I should've known the sweetness wouldn't last when she found out his true purpose, but then she came back even in the end, because she's Belle and she's awesome. Hehe. *claps*

Oh, Regina...I must admit I kinda had to look away when she kept trying to use her magic and it kept failing. XD How embarrassing as the evil queen. It's very admirable how persistent Snow & Charming & even Henry!! were about keeping her alive. I applaud them. Heh.

So...magic is now present in Storybrooke. Maybe now even to the extent it was in fairytale land. I must admit the biggest shocker to me was when I realized the flashbacks weren't flashbacks at all but present time in fairytale land! Ok, Princess Aurora & Prince Philip? The cutest EVER. I should've known it would be a triangle with Mulan though. *grumble* There's no possible way you can have co-ed fighting without their eventually developing a romance on either one side or both. Thankfully it's just on her end. Ah, but PA were so precious. I hope there's some way for him to live again! I heard rumor that just because his soul was sucked up doesn't mean that he's actually dead. It might not be fatal! However, if he wakes up with a blank soul & ends up falling for Mulan...there's going to be some serious HELL to pay on my end. *mutters*

So, Charming is going to look after Henry! Aww! It is so weird that Snow & Charming are the same age as their daughter. It's just...*shakes head* I kind of wonder why that was never brought up. Heh. Looks like, as before though, that Regina's one true weakness is losing Henry. *sigh* Perhaps she will try to find a way back to the old world after all because of it. *hmms*

Most disappointing moment in the ep though? No Mad Hatter. NO JEFFERSON! *sobs* I did hear that he'll be entering on the scene in 1x02 though and that makes me feel better, b/c seriously? How can you show his hat for more than 2 seconds & not show HIM? It's blasphemous!

Until next ep.

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