OMG. New favorite show! Okay, not FAVORITE, but I think it's almost all age appropriate!!! :D I mean, this fairytale twist is amazing! Ginnifer Goodwin is a PERFECT Snow white. I do so adore her in the longer fairytale-esque hair though. It was gorgeous. lol Really though, this is an original idea. I got the feeling it was more something that should be in a movie, not stretched out in a show, but I suppose so much more can be included this way, and promo - OMG! Snow White's responsible for evil Queen's unhappiness & "ruined" life?!? Crazy...but I really do love it. The parallels are so clear & the flashbacks are amazing. I only wonder if the other princesses will eventually show up...Something tells me they won't, but who knows?! I can't wait for more.

Until Next Week! =D

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