Tonight's episode was fantabulous! You know, I really hate that Daniel is just a part of Emily's "plan". =( I mean, she seems at least semi-genuine when she's with him. *sigh* Though o-m-g about Jack potentially knowing what she's up to next episode! Or...probably just that she's actually Amanda. lol. idk. Glad TYLER (yes, that's his name, lol) was gotten rid of as far as meddling with DE goes. hehe. Though, maybe it was for his own good if he ends up basically dying in the next episode, since it looks like Emily's wearing the same outfit as the pilot.'s a little hard to believe Daniel & Emily would be engaged in just a week's Maybe there's another flashback/forward. XD Anyways, I was really freaked when Lydia was starting to find out about Emily/Amanda!!! Since, you know, she's been so successful taking someone down in every episode before. Of course, conveniently Lydia dies so the secret doesn't get out. HOWEVER, Nolan has the footage of who killed her and he HAS to turn it in to police, but...not without giving away Emily's identity/plan? *sighs & shakes head* I'm a little bit overwhelmed. Charlotte & Declan's SL was cute. I love the Daniel/Charlotte lovin'. Aww. And now Daniel's gonna get a job at Jack & Declan's BAR? *whistles* That should be interesting... DE slept together! lol It wasn't an overly hot scene, but I still enjoyed it. Oh god, I love those two together. Why does he have to just be part of her plan? *sigh*

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