Wow. I never cease to be blown away by this show. Of course I did not appreciate having to see Tyler & Nolan’s tryst & I know it’ll totally kill NE in the next ep, but there was loveliness in there too. DC cuteness along w/ DE’s first basically ILY! Aaaaaaaaand Amanda’s on the scene!
Check it out. ;) Great, great, wonderful ep. I adore all these characters, and especially Nolan’s comment at the beginning about Emily starting to fall for Daniel. Hehe. Plus, Jack-Nolan banter = awesome. Double-yay! (even if they are temporarily at odds) I think Frank was the first one to seriously put Emily in danger of being found out, but naturally she survived any outward conclusions. She always does. ;) I don't think Emily was being too outwardly aggressive towards Jack though. She made it clear she was with Daniel. Declan shouldn't have gotten so...huffy at the dinner, but that's just me.

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