1x17 - "Doubt" - Gossip Diaries
This girl continues to amaze me. Whether being weakened by her love of *two* guys apparently, “Emily Thorne”still remains totally badass with her manipulation, beat-downs and amazing scheming. Every scene she had with Daniel totally and completely broke my heart. I CAN’T BELIEVE Victoria would have Daniel beat up just to get him home. I mean, obvs the end result was good, but to go so far as to get him fatal wounds? What if he’d DIED? Then, it would’ve all been for nothing! *dramatic sigh* Daniel loves Emily so much…he’d even confess to the murder to keep her from being involved. And Emily’s pummeling that dude at the end for Jack AND Daniel? AMAZING! *sings* There were parts of this ep where I was confused if it was past or present – Victoria’s “affair” with her past lover for instance, but overall it was pretty well played out. Loved that Nolan & Emily shared a scene so early in the episode! Hehe *dances* I love those two together, just as friends/siblings, but still, amazing. He brought her breakfast. Aww. He’s so good for her. I need her to break down and him to hold her. I’ve been waiting for it all season. Lol. Jack is INSANE! Going after Amanda like that…and, he totally didn’t murder Tyler. I don’t think? XD I thought it was Takeda. Regardless, he’s in trouble and Declan totally screwed Charlotte over by spilling her “secret”. Aww, poor girl. I hope she can quit it before she gets too addicted. She needs Emily. She really, really does. *sigh* I feel for Daniel so much. All he wanted was to talk to Emily…they should’ve let him stay w/ her instead. I mean, REALLY. :( The next promo kinda worries me, but Daniel’s demanded Emily tell him the truth before, and this time around he looks like he’s drunk, so something tells me Emily will get him calmed down, but I worry for his imprisonment! How in the world is he gonna get out of this?! Though…he must somehow…if he’s breaking his house arrest to go harass his fiancée. XD I want Emily to just tell him the truth and somehow for them to still be together. Lol. Or at least a Nemily hug. That’s all I ask. Lol.

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