OH-MY-GOD. This episode could not have been more intense if it tried!!! Everything is so intertwined, it's CRAZY!!! Biggest awesomeness though...KATHERINE'S BACK!!! =DDDDDDD And not only did we get some delicious DK scenes, BUT she's totally following Stefan, AND she followed him in the '20s! It's like she always loved him, constantly. It never stopped. Oh wow. AND Stefan freaking was with Klaus's SISTER??? TONS of chemistry there & it's like he was in love w/ her all over again when he Klaus let him remember. I want him with Rebecca AND Katherine. lol. So much awesomeness! Then the rest...DE!!! =D I love how worried Damon was about her. It looked like he was gonna cry! And SE...*sigh* I'm glad they finally had their talk. It was so crushing for Elena, poor baby, but at least she gets how serious it is, and how almost impossible it would be to get Stefan to come back.  Now, to the ultimate happy part. TC!!!!!!! And Caroline's mom obviously. She saved the day! And Tyler carried her & held her while we she cried!!! I must've said 'poor Caroline' & 'poor Elena' a million times this episode. Everything was SO intense!!! I LOVED IT!!! =D

Until Next Week!

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