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Okay, I've been squealing more and more for every single DE scene this season, but seriously? All the Lexi/Stefan/Elena scenes want me want SE more than ever. Last season I found them cute, just like season 1. From what they went through, it seemed like they were epic but I wasn't feeling it entirely. With these last few episodes? Like you WOULDN'T.BELIEVE. Good lord. I was really hoping Lexi would be able to stay somehow and that Stefan would have his feelings again by the end of the episode. Too hopeful? lol. Yes. But I'm glad Elena was able to keep it together and not give in. I'm glad he didn't snap at her at the end either or taunt her like he did last episode. This was just gorgeous and beautiful. I think this may quite possibly be my favorite episode yet this season. I just loved all the ghosts coming back! =D No interaction with Tyler/Mason though, or Tyler period, so...I really wanna know what Mason was planning on doing! Glad he wasn't out for too much revenge on Damon. Craziness with Anna! I was never in love with them, so I def wasn't gushing for them and I really hope Bonnie doesn't ever take him back. Regardless of revived feelings with Anna - which, yes, I understood - he was still with Bonnie and he fought so hard to get her to begin with. That's a low blow to get cheated on by a freaking ghost. Tbh, I really wish the ghosts had been able to stick around - at least Mason & Lexi. Okay, really just Lexi. lol. Bring back the old Stefan we love! I just wanna see Elena happy again. *sniffle* I think I'm honestly really torn between SE & DE from this episode. There's this thick tension that is delicious to watch between Damon & Elena. Not to mention he's the bad boy saved by the good girl, and their story is so completely epic. But Stefan is the good guy that she can always count on to be the good guy, and I think she needs that too. Plus, they're so cute together. *sigh* I can't believe this. I've never felt this strongly about SE. *shakes head* No Rebecca or Katherine this episode! *gasp-cry* Why?!? Okay, I can def live w/o Rebecca for an episode, even if I still love her. lol. Katherine better not be dead! Can't wait for next episode! Flashback episode! *gasp* I love those!!

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