This was a really good episode. It had every element of juicy goodness and well thought out storylines. There were intense moments. There were laid back moments. And the ending just flowed very nicely with a little punch at the end. heh. I don't even know where to begin. Caroline's birthday! Yay! And the beginning Klaroline. ;) Klaus really is an evil bastard, isn't he? And here Tyler was finally making a huge effort to break off this bond when it involved serious bodily harm. Both of Tyler's speeches were great, even the morning one because he was being really honest with her and telling her that he didn't want to be the guy that was sired so intensely that apparently he can't even deny a command if he wants to. The first time I saw this ep I thought Tyler might have bitten Caroline on purpose b/c he IS sired to Klaus, but after the fact I realized it was just the fact that he hadn't been able to control it even though he'd decided not to. Aww. And he told her he loved her! *squee* Clearly Matt still loves her a little though. You could tell. Esp w/ his little convo w/ Elena in the "tomb". lol. As epic as TC have been written and how crazy intriguing KC are, I have to say I think I'll pretty much always be on board with MC happening again. heh. They were just so great together. =) But anyways - ELENA. No, Stefan. STEFAN! Holy crap! What a jerk. And totally out of control & it's's CRAZY! Elena's speech on the bridge when she almost died?! I don't care if he never intended to drive her off it, that's just horrible. How close she came...and how it was THE bridge her parents died on that HE saved her from dying off as well! Ohmyword...I mean in later eps we learn just how much he regrets all this, but it's still awful. *shudders* Wow. Of course the beginning of this ep was all cheerful with Damon smiling ridiculously much from the aftermath of the kiss & Elena kicking a punching bag in her "frustration", innocently asking Alaric if he'd talked to Damon recently. XD That was just great. I just love it. hehe. And I love how Damon is always constantly there for her. Every minute. Their end scene was sweet. I really miss their hugs. *nods* And can she just invite him in to LITERALLY sleep w/ her? Those scenes are so amazing as well. *sigh* It's just comforting I think. But anyways, Jer-Jer! Obvs he and Bonnie didn't work out all their issues to a tee like they would have done if he hadn't left, but at least it's to the point that they know they still care about each other. And that's what matters. Aww. Liked the Matt-Elena bonding stuff too. heh. Especially her "funeral" at the end. That was really sweet. I liked it. =) Overall, fantabulous ep. Stefan is still cray-cray though. And I'd comment on that body at the end,'s a mystery I know the answer to already, so I'd rather not. XD I just wonder if Alaric was exactly himself...during the end of the Founder's party when he had his "hero moment". heh. *clears throat* But anyways, next ep! hehe

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