Vampire Diaries is back!!!! And WOW did this blow me away. *whistles* *tries to inhale as much air as possible w/o choking* FANTASTIC EP. And intense in every way possible. Despite the chaos that was everything with all vampires as a whole, but mainly Damon, Elena, and Stefan, the gut feeling that consumed me at the very end was the disastrous fall out of Klaus and Rebekah!!! *sobs uncontrollably* Now don't get me wrong, I want Klaroline likes it's nobody's business, but Klabekah are my Nemily (from Revenge) are my core ships, and if they aren't working then everything else can just go to hell (or temporary prison) until all else is right in that sector. This, it's horrible! *sobs* Everything Rebekah was so true. It's always been HER that's been there for him. Everyone else gave up. And still he chose Caroline over her - which while it gave me a little happy dance (the Klaroline lover in me), also totally bummed me out, b/c Rebekah was SO devastated when she thought Klaus was dead & THIS is how he repays her? Shouldn't he GET why she's so infuriated? And yeah, the one thing he's always strived for is this...back-up support system/family & she just threw that all away (except, wait, doesn't he have TONS of them just like a city away? *rolls eyes*), but he shouldn't have...grrrruGUGGUGHHHH!!! He doesn't know how good he has it with her. Like, seriously, when it was just them on their own back in the 20's and even before and since just...*sigh* I'm just really upset by this. Now Rebekah has no one. Granted Klaus doesn't really either, but he's always worked under that sort of assumption. He's got so much pride you can't really tell when he's breaking too much. But even Rebekah crumbled when SE were saying their goodbyes - which WOW, what an epic scene. It was SO emotional. Nina ALONE was just FANTASTIC all ep. *fans self to her perfection* But anyways, yes, my heart goes out to Rebekah. I hope Klaus has a turn around sometime in the NEAR future, b/c as badly as I want Klaroline, Klaus doesn't deserve any happiness anywhere else (ESPECIALLY WITH CAROLINE) until he realizes how good he has it with Rebekah. Seriously. As vicious as she can be, she loves so deeply, and forever. She's unbelievably loyal. I just...GRR.

BUT ON TO EVERYTHING ELSE!!! (lol) Okay, the whole evolution with Elena was FANTASTIC. Before when we've seen humans transform into vampires, the only real issue was light and the craving for blood. This was so different because it showed how her senses were just overwired. Just sounds and...well, everything. She couldn't even eat. The laughter was kinda creepy. lol. But eventually it turned to crying, though I don't even know when. XD haha The DE SCENES: OH.MY.GOD. They were PERFECT! I loved that she had the flashbacks & that she told him about it & just...*sigh* all their scenes were so amazing. Again, Nina was just fantastic all ep. =) <3

On to other things...interesting how Bonnie could've actually saved Elena. The writers could have legit just saved Elena, so I wonder how smart it was showing that possibility...that could make Bonnie feel way guilty later, though I doubt it since preventing Klaus from killing Tyler by ripping out his heart caused her to lose her grandma in the process of the transfer...*sigh & shakes head* How awful. I feel like Bonnie's really going to have a solid SL this season, which is exciting! (On a sidenote: KC was obvs AWESOME & I'd like to reminisce about the gloriousness that they were, but I can't b/c I'm still pissed at Klaus for disowning his own sister, the ONLY ONE who never truly gave up on him.)

This episode was incredible. In the first five minutes I thought it was very possible that the whole town of vampires could be slaughtered by the end of the ep if the writers really wanted to go there (which they wouldn't, but it was def do-able and realistic). Can't wait for next week and whatever it brings. Hopefully SOMEONE can be there for Rebekah. *sighs* *holds her if no one else will*

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