OMG! This season's premiere was INSANE. Not that I'm really surprised. VD is always flippin fantastic. hehe. Everything in here was just so explosive. I mean, what does Vicki need help with? What is gonna happen with Caroline?! I bet Tyler's mom doesn't even know her son's a werewolf! *huff* Poor Elena... at least Stefan is humane still. From the Stefan/Damon sneak peek preview, I wasn't sure how it was all gonna go over. He looked so heartless! But he's not. And I wish he would've said something at the end...*sigh* I wanted her to see Damon at the end too. And my goodness, I'm really sad for Damon losing Andy! Even if she was just a fake girlfriend. *sigh* Everything about this episode was just craziness. TC were hot, though I felt like a lot of their making out was kind of awkward looking. And Matt...*hmms* I want Jeremy to tell Elena what's going on with Vicki & Anna. And then maybe Damon. heh. Poor Alaric too. I wondered how the whole situation was gonna go down with Elena & Jeremy being minors - legally, I mean. But now Elena's 18, so...*sigh* but wow. I'm addicted to this show. Next week looks even MORE insane. And now I just realized there won't be any Stefan/Caroline friendship bonding!! *cries* On one last note...I wonder if Caroline's sleeping with Tyler was just impulsive because she was really horny, even if she does have some feelings for him. Heh.

Well, until next week...

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