And so the marathon continues…*sigh* - *squeal!!!* DE are ADORABLE at the beginning, and I’m beginning to see what the cast/writers/producers meant when they had Emily kiss Daniel extra long in front of Victoria. Lol. Go Em’s!! *cheers* But seriously, DE are SUPER cute at the beginning. *sigh* I miss them. It’s almost nauseating watching Ashley & Tyler be all coupley though. Because seriously? He’s such a villain! And he deceived her right from the start. I’m starting to think that maybe she was all a part of his ploy somehow, especially since he started sleeping with Nolan. *rolls eyes* But moving on… Aww, Daniel’s sad that Em had to leave his volleyball game. *tear* The boy is so out of the loop, so innocent! *sigh* And I luuurve the Emily/Ashley friendship I’ve decided. It’s nice to have that camaraderie, and it sucks that that has to get all twisted and…betrayed (essentially, or at least I consider it that way – Ashley becomes a scandalous manipulator later on in the season!). But anyways…Kara. Ha! I’d forgotten that’s what she’d decided to call herself. XD Really don’t mind her with Jack. I
actually kinda think it’s cute. I do wish Jack knew the truth about Emily though, and not the truth they decide to spin about keeping them separate identities. And OMG! Even HERE Jack admits Amanda was just a child crush! How can they be this long-lasting in love w/ star-crossed lovers thing?! *dramatic sigh* Too much. Amanda is so…excitable, but she’s fierce. I do love that about her. Heh. “N-O, Jack.”-“You told me never take dating advice from you.”-“And that was last week.” Lmao. Love you, Nolan. <3 Oh, Emily, you’re so vicious to Victoria. Lol. Sounding so innocent about torturing her with “becoming family someday”. Lmao Too bad she does end up hurting Daniel at the end of it all… :( There really is lots of foreshadowing here. Yuck. Hate any Nolan/Ty sexual references. *puke* Seriously hope Nolan’s love interest in season 2 is a girl. *don’t know if guy-guy relations can be stomached indefinitely*Oh! Lydia!poison! *gasp* Sorta. XD “If Emily wants me gone, she might have to consider the ripple
effect.” Nice quote. I like it. Bribing Declan…*shakes head* NO. Though, she does make it sound reasonable strangely enough. Lol. Tricksy!! And Nolan, Nolan, Nolan…*shakes head* I’ve really come to love that whale camera. Lol. DE = CUTE *swoon**dramatic music-suspicious unknown name on contact list* IS THIS THE JAPANESE FIGHTING GUY?!? XD Oh man…Titanic moment. On the sailboat. Lol One look. Emily is smoldering. And here Takeda is actually GOOD. Until he decides she’s in love with Daniel and that’s bad. *sigh*Oh Nolan…you’re so clever. Hehe. Didn’t appreciate seeing the kiss, but the result was well worth it. ;p Oh…here it comes…the Amanda Clarke fib. *gasp* (And then it all comes crashing down! BAM!) “Yeah, I moved her out this evening while you were busy stabbing people in the back.” XD Aww, Charlotte/Declan! SWEETNESS! And a hint of steamy. *rubs hands together in excitement* Of course they were all tricksy. I didn’t buy Char’s telling her mom Declan broke up with her for a second. And not just b/c I’ve seen the ep before! As much as I love DE, that end was kinda evil for Emily. Bad Amanda! Bad! *scolds* “Oh…can I show her the swing….oh, very special place to me and my father…oh, my home’s in good hands…” SHUT UP! Ugh. Clearly Em’s about to cry & still you carry on! *sniffles & throws pillow at tv* Not. Cool. Don’t hurt my vengeful Emily! Don’t DO IT!!! *grumbles & sits back on couch* “The most dangerous secrets a person can bury are those we keep from ourselves.” Truer words were never spoken, Miss Emily Thorne.
Another crazy ep! Love rewatching these. =) Tyler is such a cad. *not entirely sure what this word means* Screwing Nolan & then sleeping with Ashley. Everyone on this show is so messed up, at least to an extent. I do love how Daniel always defends Emily though. It's wonderful! hehe Daniel & Emily are just adorbs together early on in the episode. This is what I miss about them. This sweetness, this fierce protectiveness. It's gorgeous & I miss it! *sobs* Everything with Amanda was lovely, except of course that she didn't leave, but I loved the flashbacks and seeing how these two are so connected. They really are like sisters and I wish they could have kept this kinship on until the end of the season, and even beyond that! *sigh* Nolan's behavior around Amanda is laughable, but he made up with Jack, so that's good! Poor Charlotte, but she was able to run to Declan, so another yay! moment! hehe Lydia's starting to remember things, but as always Emily's one step away. You've gotta admire her for all her clever tactics, Nolan's too. It's all just so wonderful! And the Grayson's haven't a clue. Emily is brilliant, and Nolan is right there beside her. It's just wonderful! Okay, enough gushing, lol. I have to wonder, with Amanda looking at Emily & Daniel at the end if THAT'S the reason she decided to stay? At least partially? B/c Jack wasn't taken after all? *hmms* Well, anyways, enough eps for tonight! More ep responses soon! Revenge ftw! hehe
Wow. I never cease to be blown away by this show. Of course I did not appreciate having to see Tyler & Nolan’s tryst & I know it’ll totally kill NE in the next ep, but there was loveliness in there too. DC cuteness along w/ DE’s first basically ILY! Aaaaaaaaand Amanda’s on the scene!
Check it out. ;) Great, great, wonderful ep. I adore all these characters, and especially Nolan’s comment at the beginning about Emily starting to fall for Daniel. Hehe. Plus, Jack-Nolan banter = awesome. Double-yay! (even if they are temporarily at odds) I think Frank was the first one to seriously put Emily in danger of being found out, but naturally she survived any outward conclusions. She always does. ;) I don't think Emily was being too outwardly aggressive towards Jack though. She made it clear she was with Daniel. Declan shouldn't have gotten so...huffy at the dinner, but that's just me.

Just bought season 1 today, so now I can finally finish up with these episode responses! Yaaay! *claps* Another great ep. I remember seeing that Jack/Emily confrontation and feeling like Emily really wanted to be with him but just couldn’t b/c of her scheme and how OUT OF THE BLUE that was. *shakes head* I felt bad for him, but Daniel & Emily FTW!!! *insists* Tyler is horrible. I hate him. I hate watching this all over again. It’s evil. Declan& Charlotte beginnings!! *cheers*They were so freaking adorable at the beginning. *gushes* Nolan = LOVE. I have missed him so. *sigh* It’s kind of funny b/c there are so many points in this ep where I felt like Emily’s about to be found out, but that happens at so many points throughout the season it’s almost unreal. Heh. *shakes head* Great episode though! The aftermath of Lydia’s falling off the building was so intense, and Nolan almost got pummeled b/c of it! I hate when Nolan is endangered by things….*keeps him in safety room with padded walls* On to the next ep! This was a great one! I do hate that Nolan is so Team Jack though. I mean, I love the love/hate friendship they have going & I know that he’s only doing it b/c he knows Emily loves Jack, but…*sighs & shakes head* I just don’t see it. DE ftw. lol.
Tonight's episode was fantabulous! You know, I really hate that Daniel is just a part of Emily's "plan". =( I mean, she seems at least semi-genuine when she's with him. *sigh* Though o-m-g about Jack potentially knowing what she's up to next episode! Or...probably just that she's actually Amanda. lol. idk. Glad TYLER (yes, that's his name, lol) was gotten rid of as far as meddling with DE goes. hehe. Though, maybe it was for his own good if he ends up basically dying in the next episode, since it looks like Emily's wearing the same outfit as the pilot. Though...it's a little hard to believe Daniel & Emily would be engaged in just a week's time...lol. Maybe there's another flashback/forward. XD Anyways, I was really freaked when Lydia was starting to find out about Emily/Amanda!!! Since, you know, she's been so successful taking someone down in every episode before. Of course, conveniently Lydia dies so the secret doesn't get out. HOWEVER, Nolan has the footage of who killed her and he HAS to turn it in to police, but...not without giving away Emily's identity/plan? *sighs & shakes head* I'm a little bit overwhelmed. Charlotte & Declan's SL was cute. I love the Daniel/Charlotte lovin'. Aww. And now Daniel's gonna get a job at Jack & Declan's BAR? *whistles* That should be interesting... DE slept together! lol It wasn't an overly hot scene, but I still enjoyed it. Oh god, I love those two together. Why does he have to just be part of her plan? *sigh*

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